Robotics Club 03-04-2015 Practice

Wednesday’s robotics club practice was full of excitement as we began to prep for the next Vex IQ session. Last week we took a look at a number of different designs and discussed various strategies for the high rise game. After thinking about it for the past week the students decided which ideas they wanted Continue reading Robotics Club 03-04-2015 Practice

Robotics Club 02-25-2015 Practice

It was a very exciting night with robotics club practice resuming after a short layoff. The team was excited to get back together and explore some new ideas. This season we will begin to look at programming. It will be challenging but I think the team can handle it! Continue reading Robotics Club 02-25-2015 Practice

Robotics Club 02-04-2015 Match

The final match of the Vex IQ robotics league season saw our teams continue to improve while having fun and learning about STEM concepts. The five runs the students participated in were all solid with both teams having their best runs of the season tonight! Both of our teams were awarded a trophy for STEM research. Continue reading Robotics Club 02-04-2015 Match

Robotics Club 01-14-2015 Match

Last night was the robotics team’s first match of the season with last week being canceled due to weather. The students were brimming with excitement (and maybe a bit of nerves) to see how well their robots would perform. Both teams did well and each team had members who were already coming up with ideas on how to improve their design. Continue reading Robotics Club 01-14-2015 Match