Robotics club holonomic robot

Robotics Club 11-17-2014 Practice

Tonight the robotics club got back together after a 3 week break. I was excited for a number of reasons. First, I missed working with the kids. Second, the robotics club has doubled in size up to 9 students! Finally, I had spent some time tinkering in the last couple weeks and setup a special robot to show off.

Robotics Club Growth

I was very excited to hear from some additional parents in the last several weeks. We now have enough students to run two teams for our school! We also now have a set of official Vex IQ competition elements and blocks. The kids are going to be well prepared once the matches resume. I had the kids introduce themselves to start off the practice.

Vex IQ Holonomic Robot

Once the students introduced themselves, it was time for me to unveil the holonomic robot. I had spent a couple nights up researching posts such as this one and felt confident I could build something similar using Vex IQ parts. After some tinkering and code writing using RobotC, I was able to get a working robot.

The kids who remained from last season were very excited to see the new kind of robot drive. They had been so used to driving a tank style robot, they were amazed at how easily the holonomic robot maneuvered.

Robotics Club Practice Summary

After the kids introduced themselves I had the veterans explain the Highrise game and the general idea of the competitions. It was fun to hear them explain things in their own words. After this we discussed tank drives and holonomic drives and I unveiled the holonomic robot. Finally, each team member had a chance to drive both the robot from last season and the new holonomic robot.