Fall robotics club final design side view

Robotics Club 10-29-2014 Match

Tonight was the final match of the Fall 2014 robotics club matches and I was both very happy and a little sad.  The match was held at the kids school so everyone was extra excited to be hosting the event.The kids did great and stayed strong all the way to the final buzzer.

Robotics Club Awards

After the match there was an awards ceremony and the kids were very excited to be recognized. Our robotics club showed great improvement over this season. I am very proud of the kids and their ability to work together, come up with plans and strategies, and do their best to implement them.  I am amazed at how well they do considering their young age.

What’s Next for the Robotics Club

Parents, thank you very much for the opportunity to work with your kids. If your kids are interested in participating in the winter session we will be taking a 3 week break and then resuming. Prior to the official matches beginning I will be running practices a bit differently then we have been. I will be presenting more ideas and going over the Vex IQ curriculum with less of a focus on the Highrise game itself. I hope to see your kids there!