Fall robotics club final design top view

Robotics Club 10-22-2014 Match

Today we had a great robotics club match and the team did well. The team place in the top 3 and was in the top 3 for the entire match tonight.E.H. finally had a chance to participate in the match and drive which was very exciting.

The fast paced matched went well for the most part but the robot had several hiccups. Some of the modifications intended to strengthen the front-end arms has the unanticipated affect of making them too rigid. It seemed like the arms fell off quite a bit more tonight. It also seemed like the team overall was tapering off a bit towards the end.

Robotics Club Exciting News!

The new Vex IQ practice field arrived. Many thanks to the PTO for spending such a large sum of money on a new school activity! I am very excited for our Monday meeting when the kids will finally get to have a chance to do testing with an actual regulation field!