Fall robotics club final design side view

Robotics Club 10-20-2014 Practice

Our third robotics practice was tonight and all of the kids were still feeling really good about the last match. I was excited to hearwhat their thoughts were and share some exciting news from the PTO.

The kids settled in and I let them know that the PTO was going to be getting the robotics club its own Vex IQ practice field and blocks! We had been improvising up to that point with tape and some foam blocks. Everyone was very excited and thought it would be a big help in improving.

I also let the team know that we would be getting a 2nd Vex IQ robot from a grant.  We discussed the concept of prototyping in anticipation of the 2nd robot and they liked the idea of getting a chance to try ideas before taking apart their primary robot.

Robotics Club Meeting Notes

Review of Previous Match

  • A.T. – Pretty good, better then usual, did not expect team to do so well
  • C.J. –  Best yet, amazed at score, keep forgetting strategy
  • E.H. –  Did not attend
  • H.S. –  Best yet, beat other teams
  • K.C. – Cable organization design is good, good strategy

Strategy for Upcoming Match:

  • A.T. – Drive and push from back
  • C.J. – Drive and push from back
  • E.H. – Drive and push from back
  • H.S. –  Drive and push from back
  • K.C. – Drive and push from back


Great practice today. The kids were pretty much on the same page as far as observations and strategy this time. The were all very excited how well they did at last weeks match! They want to continue with the current strategy. Some minor improvements were made to the robot to try and make the arms a bit stronger. We also had a bunch of mock matches for driving practice.