Large Raised Garden Beds

Our raised garden beds from last year did so well that I decided to put in some larger raised garden beds this spring.

This is how I built our larger sized cedar raised gardens. Building these garden beds is a great and simple DIY project that can easily be accomplished in an afternoon.  

I chose to make these garden beds larger because Continue reading Large Raised Garden Beds

Three-Bin Composting

A three-bin composting system is a wonderful way to create compost and looks attractive. With the wonderful spring weather we have been having I had the opportunity to get outside and enjoy the sunshine with this project. If you are looking for a fun and easy DIY project, a three-bin composting system is a great beginner project. Continue reading Three-Bin Composting

PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide – The Plan

A couple of months ago I got the idea to build a custom PC that featured water cooling. I have built many computers in the past but had never done anything with liquid/water based cooling. After pouring over many articles and watching many videos I had a good idea of the basics. This series of posts will seek to act as a beginner’s guide as well as chronicle the experience of water cooling a PC. Continue reading PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide – The Plan