Robotics Club 03-25-2015 Practice

The Vex IQ robotics season is fast approaching and our robotics club is working very hard to get their new design ready to compete. This week’s practice featured a special guest from the high school robotics team who was eager to help out with ideas and methods of building. AJ is a lead builder and driver for the robotics team at West High School and will be assisting our team this season. The students were very happy Continue reading Robotics Club 03-25-2015 Practice

Robotics Club 03-18-2015 Practice

As the new Vex IQ season approaches, our elementary students continue to put their brainpower to the test with their new robot design. Last week the sides and drive train took shape. This week during robotics club practice, prototypes for the arm tower and claw were created. There is still a lot of work to do Continue reading Robotics Club 03-18-2015 Practice

PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide – Stage 1 | Part 2

This portion of my beginner’s guide to PC water cooling wraps up Stage 1 of the guide. The plan for Stage 1 was to end up with a test bench setup that was able to boot to make sure all components were working properly. In my last post I mounted the PSU, motherboard, CPU, CPU cooling, and RAM on the test bench. This post covers Continue reading PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide – Stage 1 | Part 2

Robotics Club 03-11-2015 Practice

During last night’s robotics club practice you could sense that the long northern winters are coming to an end and the kids are ready for the warmer weather spring brings. There was a tangible extra amount of energy in the room as we discussed engineering decisions to shape the upcoming spring session of Vex IQ competition. Continue reading Robotics Club 03-11-2015 Practice

Robotics Club 03-04-2015 Practice

Wednesday’s robotics club practice was full of excitement as we began to prep for the next Vex IQ session. Last week we took a look at a number of different designs and discussed various strategies for the high rise game. After thinking about it for the past week the students decided which ideas they wanted Continue reading Robotics Club 03-04-2015 Practice

PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide – Stage 1 | Part 1

Building a custom water cooled PC in your spare time can take a considerable amount of time.

As I mentioned in the plan for my PC water cooling beginner’s guide, stage 1 of my guide would involve testing out the components on a test bench to ensure everything is working. Continue reading PC Water Cooling Beginner’s Guide – Stage 1 | Part 1